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Wei Xiaotao

Wei Xiaotao

... (born in 1953) is Wei Jingsheng's younger brother. Because he had criticized Mao, he had to undergo "re-education" during the Cultural Revolution, but later he became, just like his brother, a soldier of the PLA. After demobilization he worked in a factory, before he was admitted to study chemistry at Shanghai's Fudan University. Later he worked as an engineer for one of the ministries, but he became regularly harassed by the authorities because of his brother's involvement in the Democracy Movement. Wei Xiaotao was eventually forced to seek refuge abroad. He continued to live in Paris, where he died from illness in January 2019.

Interview with Wei Xiaotao (on April 28, 2014 in Marie Holzman's apartment in Paris)

Here you find the Chinese text of the interview (an English translation will be provided later).


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