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Mao Lizi (Zhang Zhunli)

Mao Lizi (2013 in Beijing)

... was born in 1950. During the Cultural Revolution he joined a theater unit of the People's Liberation Army where he worked as a set designer. In 1979, he participated - secretly at first, under his pseudonym "Mao Lizi" - at the avant-garde art exhibition of the "Stars" group. When his superiors found out, he was told to leave his army job in order to avoid a military investigation and trial.

Mao Lizi became an independent artist, in 1981 he was awarded a youth art prize in China. Like other avantgarde artists in the mid-eighties, Mao Lize left China to spend a few years in France and in the United States. In 1989, he participated in the anniversary exhibitions "The Stars - Ten Years" in Hong Kong and Taiwan and a number of other international exhibition. Later he decided to return to China, Mao Lizi now works in his studio in the "798" cultural district of Beijing.



Interview with Mao Lizi (on October 27, 2013 in his studio in Beijing's "798" cultural district)

Here you find the Chinese text of the interview (an English translation will be provided later).


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