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This lengthy theoretical text by Chen Erjin, published in a special edition of the "April 5th Forum" in June 1979, represents a "leftist" approach to the question of democracy in China. The American sinologist Andrew Nathan (Columbia University, New York) describes in his book "Chinese Democracy" Chen Erjin's main Argument: "...the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s must be followed by a 'proletarian democratic revolution' of the 1980s that would challange the party's monopoly." Chen proposes a new "Marxist constitution" with elements from socialism, the Paris Commune and other European and American electoral systems. "Most importantly, to force the Chinese Communist Party to obey the constitution," so Andrew Nathans analysis, "there would be a rival party, also Marxist but competing with the CCP for votes."





Die chinesische Demokratiebewegung 1978-1981 – Erinnerungen der damaligen Akteure

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