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Prologue to the first (authorized) "Stars" Exhibition (November 1979)


We are 23 people exploring the arts. And we are spreading out some of our modest findings here.

The world offers boundless opportunities to those who like to explore it.

We want to become acquainted with the world through our own eyes, and share in it with our brush or carver's knife. Each of our images is expressing something, and each of our expressions tells an idea.

An era is welcoming us. There is no magical providence guiding our doings. It's only the challenges that life is issuing to us. We cannot just stop the march of time. The shades of the past and the splendor of the future are overlapping. And together they form the many facets of today's life. Steadfastly we want to continue. And bear in mind the lessons we had to learn. That is our responsibility.

We love the land under our feet. This earth has provided us with life. It is hard to express this appreciation with words. Right now, as our country turns 30, we would like to pay it all back to the earth with our accomplishments. And to the people. We are feeling closer this way. And full of confidence.

Prologue to the second "Stars" exhibition (August 1980)


Almost a year has quickly passed.

We are no children any more. We want to use a new and more mature language to initiate a dialogue with the world. Art is an articulation that allows to grasp a short moment of the beauty that the universe displays in its immense diversity.

Those people who are afraid of form, are probably afraid of any existence except of their own.

The world is dwindling ever more. You find human traces in the remotest corners of this world. There are no new continents to discover any more. The new continents of today, that is us. With every new perspective, with every new option, we penetrate deeper into this world.

Real life offers endless themes. One intense revolution after the other has engulfed us and blurred reality. This is certainly the foremost topic of our art. If we can bring together a liberated spirit with creative inspiration, this art can be a massive stimulus for life. 

By no means do we want to break with our forefathers. It is their heritage that allows us to discover life, that gives us the courage to explore it. In this way we want to till new ground. The future no doubt is ours.


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