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Invitation poster (designed by Huang Rui) to the unauthorized open air exhibition at the outside fence of the Beijing Fine Arts Gallery. The exhibition was planned to last from September 27 to October 3, 1979, but Police closed it down just after a few hours.
Invitation poster for for the first (permitted) exhibition by the Stars group in November 1979 at Beijing's Beihai Park

"Open air art exhibition by the 'Stars', showing more than 150 oil paintings, inks, drawings, woodblock prints and wood sculptures. Time: November 27 - October 8. Place: Park at the eastern side of the Fine Arts Gallery"
"Invitation. The 'Stars Art Exhibition' can be seen from August 20 to September 4 at the Chinese Gallery of Fine Arts . We cordially invite you to attend. The 'Stars' Painters' Association"

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