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The Li Yizhe Group (1974-1979)

Unofficial brochures reprinting the famous dazibao "On Democracy and Legality under Socialism" (1974)

"An Outline of the Privileged Class", a discussion paper written by Li Zhengtian in February 1975

People crowd around a big-character poster by "Li Yizhe" in the city center of Guangzhou (1974)

The four authors of the manifesto "On Democracy and Legality under Socialism" in early 1979 (Li Zhengtian, Guo Hongzhi, Wang Xizhe, Chen Yiyang)
Li Zhengtian, Chen Yiyang and Wang Xizhe (1974 in Guangzhou's Martyrs' Park)
Gruppenfoto der Li-Yizhe-Gruppe nach der Rehabilitierung 1979

A big-character poster criticizing "Li Yizhe" in 1974 (Dongxiang no. 4, 1979, p.10)

"Li Yizhe" answering to criticism (1974), Dongxiang no. 4, 1979

Li Zhengtian was attacked in public criticism meetings in 1975/6. He was allowed though to respond to criticism. (This rare anonymous photo document has been published by the Hong Kong magazine "Zhengming", no. 19, May 1979, p.45)

In late 1978 several dazibaos in Guangzhou demand for the release and rehabilitation of the Li Yizhe Group, including an Open Letter to local party leader Xi Zhongxun. (Dongxiang no. 4, 1979, pp.1-8)

Guangdong Provincial Radio reports on Feb. 7, 1979 at 11:30 GMT on the official rehabilitation of the Li Yizhe Group (translation by SWB, 10.2.1979)
Dispatch by the official "New China News Agency" (Xinhua) from Feb. 8, 1979, reporting the rehabilitation of authors of the dazibao.

"The Guangdong Provincial Committee Has Rectified the Li Yizhe Case in a Mass Meeting" (Jiefang Ribao, Shanghai, 14.2.1979, p.3)

"Mass Meeting of More Than 1000 People in Guangzhou - 'Li Yizhe' officially rehabilitated" - front page report by the communist Hong Kong daily "Wen Wei Po"
The second CCP led Hong Kong daily "Da-Kung-Pao" reports on the release of the Li Yizhe Group the same day in an article from Guangzhou by a special correspondent.

"Bloody Warning" - in August 1979 Li Zhengtian was invited by the Guangzhou party newspaper "Nanfang Ribao" to write an article on the fate of Zhang Zhixin who had been tortured and eventually executed in 1975 for criticizing Mao.
"Illegal Law and Crime without Guilt" - a speech by Li Zhengtian at an official youth congress in Guangzhou (Guanchajia, no. 8, 1980, pp.15-17)


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