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Shanghai Big-Character Posters (Feb. 1979)

The Hong Kong daily "Ming Pao" (明报) in its issues of May 1 and 2, 1979 (p.9 and p.13), published a series of photos of dazibaos that had appeared in Shanghai at the end of February.

Although there are only incomplete texts and some single pages or slogans, they still give an interesting insight into the topics that were hotly debated in the city, and also how texts originally published at the Democracy Wall in Beijing quickly made their way to other cities in China.

On the "Enlightenment Society" (Qimengshe 启蒙社) from Guizhou
"We are mourning Zhou Enlai, we also remember Liu Shaoqi"
"Telephone Directive from the State Council" demanding an end to a rail track blockade by petitioners ...
No.4 of Xia Xunjian's journal "Reference News for the Masses" from Beijing
"Is Fu Yuehua's detention legal?" (The female activist had been arrested in January in Beijing.)
Criticizing protesters who block some rail tracks in Shanghai
A petitioner harassed by the authorities ...
("Ming Pao" captions)

"Devine Right and Human Right"
A song on human rights ...
"The Public Security Bureau of the City of Shanghai Will Have to Face the Consequences for the Crimes of Suppressing Democracy, Denying Human Rights and Violating the Constitution!"
"Declaration of the Chinese Human Rights League" (a group founded in Beijing by Ren Wanding)
"Reference News for the Masses, no. 4, Table of Contents"
Satirical song written by a Shanghai human rights group
A slogan in a Zhengzhou street (Henan Province) attacking Politbureau member Ji Denggui and the former provincial strongman Liu Jianzhu, accusing the of "factionalism"


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