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The Protest March by Petitioners on January 8, 1979, in Beijing

Call for a petitioners' street march ("at 2pm on Tiananmen Square") on January 8 (Zhou Enlai's death anniversary) (Dongxiang no. 2, Jan. 1979, p.5)
Predominantly rural demonstrators gather on Jan. 8 in front of the "Xinhua Gate" (entry to the government quarters in the old Imperial City). An AFP agency report is reprited gy the Hong Kong "Observer" (Guanchajia) journal (no.8, 1979).
The banners say "Profound Mourning of Premier Zhou Enlai" and "Down with hunger, down with repression, we want human rights, we want democracy". (Zhengming, no. 19, May 1979)
In front of the newly built mausoleum for Mao Zedong on Tiananmen Square (Dongxiang no. 40, Nov. 1979, p.16)
(Guanchajia, no. 16, Feb. 1979, p.5)
"Deng Qingtian, save us!" (Deng's well-known cousin from Sichuan is revered by many farmers) (Guanchajia, no. 16, Feb. 1979, p.6)

Protests and Slogans in Shanghai (Spring 1979)

Demanding the execution of a unwelcome party leader in Shanghai (Dongxiang no. 5, Feb. 1979)
Shanghai youth returned from Xinjiang want the city government "to solve their problems", meaning resettlement in Shanghai (Guanchajia no. 16, Feb. 1979)
Shanghai demonstrators demand work and "human rights" (Dongxiang no. 40, Nov. 1979, p.15)


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