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Plans for a third "Stars" exhibition in 1982 (hand-written draft by Huang Rui)

Due to the official campaign against "spiritual pollution" (that also targeted Western cultural influences) the exhibition has never been authorized by the government.

Newspaper reports on the "Stars" artists Yan Li and Ma Desheng

After the end of the campaign against "spiritual pollution", starting from around 1983, there was again a more liberal environment for debates on arts and even politics. This was also being felt in the official media. Members of the "Stars" group were able to organizing several individual exhibitions, but they were barred from holding another group exhibition planned for 1984. 

Shanghai's local evening paper "Xin Min Wanbao" announces an art exhibition by "Stars" artist Yan Li's in Shanghai in summer 1984
Lengthy report on Ma Desheng and his wood prints in the "Chinese Youth Daily" in Nov. 22, 1984 showing one of his famous prints from the 1980 "Stars" exhibition
Invition card for the planned (and eventually banned) exhibition by Yan Li, Yang Yiping and Ma Desheng (November 1984)


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